Jewish student life in Glasgow


I have spent today absorbed in the political and social life of Jewish students in Glasgow between 1909 and 1919. The morning began with a simple aim of finding the announcement of Samuel’s death in the Jewish Chronicle (JC), but from there I was led into a world of student societies and political discussion, where I remained utterly captivated for the rest of the day.

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Glasgow University



Amazingly, simply typing ‘Samuel Grasse’ into Google has immediately led me to a short biography about my grandfather on the Glasgow University website. It seems astonishing that noone in the family knew about this source as it is full of new information.

According to this, the town he came from in Lithuania was Marijampole and his father was Abraham, a shopkeeper. I now know the year he arrived at Glasgow University, how long he studied for, what he studied and when he died.  It turns out that Samuel was the first Lithuanian to study at Glasgow and the first president of the University’s Jewish Society. Discovering all this information at once opens up my investigation in all sorts of directions. What a gift! And it also confirms that he really did study all those different subjects, just as my grandmother always told me.

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